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Flexible Dieting Recipes & Healthy Meals from Food For Fitness

Fitness Recipes from Food For Fitness

Are you trying to lose weight but you're bored of dull, repetitive and bland meals?

Do you want healthy meal ideas that will help you achieve your fitness goals that the whole family can enjoy?

Looking for some delicious, healthy, high protein, free fitness recipes?

Our Healthy, High Protein Recipes Can Help!

Our selection of fitness recipes are delicious, nutrient dense, high protein and simple to make.

At Food For Fitness, we support flexible dieting so the recipes featured on the site contain complete macronutrient breakdowns so you can fit them into your nutrition plan.

What is flexible dieting? It is a term for a nutrition approach which involves eating a wide range of foods to hit your macronutrient targets whist consume sufficient fibre and eating a range of fresh, varied foods to benefit from a range of micronutrients.

Although many of our recipes are free of wheat (we've got several easy paleo recipes too), this is to cater for all clientele, it is not a reflection of our principles. We do not support unnecessarily restrictive nutrition practices such as unwarranted elimination of food types.

You will find some healthy versions of traditional family favourites along with some new, exotic fitness recipes that you'll love. Our recipes can be enjoyed as part of fat loss, muscle gain and healthy living meal plans. We have low-carb recipes, high carbohydrate meals, simple snacks, protein desserts and more


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Chili Con Carne
301 kcal per portion
Beef, Beer & Bacon Casserole
303 kcal per portion
Moroccan Beef & Apricot Tagine
305 kcal per portion
Chicken Jambalaya
387 kcal per portion
Turkey Bolognese
325 kcal per portion
Moroccan Fruity Burgers
250 kcal per portion
Fish Cakes
221 kcal per portion
Italian Beef Stew
243 kcal per portion
Spicy Mexican Rice
344 kcal per portion
206 kcal per portion
Banana Bread
147 kcal per portion
Badass Chicken
143 kcal per portion
Protein Brownies
113 kcal per portion
Low Carb Muffins
228 kcal per portion
Protein Pancakes
151 kcal per portion
Chicken Satay
151 kcal per portion
Roast Vegetable Soup
188 kcal per portion
Rosemary Chicken
230 kcal per portion
Sweet Potato Soup
325 kcal per portion
Protein Bars
353 kcal per portion
316 kcal per portion
Apple Pork
155 kcal per portion
Basil Turkey Burger
254 kcal per portion