9 Fitness Experts You Must Follow On Instagram Who Don’t Post Bullsh*t


Instagram is a breeding ground for terrible fitness advice. Amongst the whole #instafit #cleaneating nonsense it can be hard knowing who you should follow and actually listen to!

If you want quality fitness advice on Instagram, look no further. We’ve picked out 9 of our favourite fitness experts on Instagram who don’t post endless selfies, countless tubs of chicken + broccoli + brown rice or be like ‘hey buy this supplement, my sponsors are so awesome’. These fitness pros know their stuff and if you want easy-to-follow, realistic advice then you should give these guys and girls a follow.

1. Marci Nevin (@marcinevin)

Marci is a trainer, yogi and self-proclaimed nutrition geek. Her food focussed posts deliver a tonne of value, especially if fat loss is the goal!

2. Jordan Syatt (@SyattFitness)

Jordan consistently posts awesome content over on IG. He’s one of the founding-fathers of the Insta Infographic movement. He knows his stuff too! He’s a word record powerlifter and fitness coach to the famous business guru Gary V. Jordan was also on one of the first episodes of our podcast: How To Lift More, Torch Fat & Get Stronger

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3. Carter Good (@cartergood)

Carter’s fitness journey has been rather impressive. He’s lost over 147 lbs (67 kgs). He frequently posts fantastic content featuring the best tips he’s followed that helped him to lose the weight and keep it off. IF you want to hear more about Carter’s story, check out the podcast episode he recorded FFF 091: How To Lose 147 lbs – with Carter Good

4. Shredded By Science (@shredbyscience)

Shredded by Science are one of the top education providers for personal trainers here in the UK. Headed up by the main man Luke Johnson, they fill their Instagram feed with extremely helpful and detailed infographics that will significantly improve the quality of your workouts.

5. Leslie Hooper (@hooper.fit)

Leslie is an online trainer and fat loss coach based over in the US. Her posts are nice and varied covering everything from nutrition, mindset, recipes, training and everything in between.

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6. Mr Sport (@mrsportofficial)

Yiannis Fleming aka Mr Sport has a MSc in Athletic Development & Peak Performance and his posts are excellent for anyone who wants to level-up their nutrition or improve their sporting performance.

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7. Jay (@aworkoutroutine)

Jay is the fitness guru that Gotham needs him to be. He’s been writing epic content over on his blog for some time and it’s great to see him transition onto Instagram and maintain his high standards of helpful content.

8. Amy Vandeputte (@fastforwardamy)

Online trainer and coach based over in Belgium, Amy is another who constantly posts new, original and helpful content on Instagram. With an extremely strong infographic to selfie ratio, she is one to follow for sure.

9. Scott Baptie (@ScottBaptie)

I thought I’d save my self until last. Seriously though, I do my best to cut out the noise, the confusion and the garbage surrounding healthy eating and fat loss. Follow me.

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9 Fitness Experts You Must Follow On Instagram
Scott Baptie

Scott is the owner and founder of Food For Fitness. He is a fat loss coach, speaker and fitness writer with a masters (MSc) degree in Applied Sports Nutrition.