FFF 085: 30 Marathons In 30 Days On A Treadmill In His Kitchen & Other CrAzY Challenges – with Ross Edgley


What do you get when you mix an incredibly talented athlete and sports science graduate with a global adventurist?

A hybrid of a human named Ross Edgley that`s who!

This is an absolutely massive episode where we chat to the legend himself about his exploration on the boundaries and parameters of the human body! Ross continually pushes his body and mind to the utmost limits, by competing in ridiculous fitness challenges that would seem otherwise impossible to your average person. He brings his light hearted humor to the show and is an all round leader and inspiration in the ever-changing world of fitness.

We talk to Ross about his insane challenges, including climbing a rope the height of Everest, completing a full triathlon (or “tree-athalon”) by carrying a 45kg tree on his back, shark wrestling in the Bahamas and towing a 1.4 tonne car around for 26 miles!

You will very quickly learn that Ross lives anything but a conventional run-of-the-mill life and will absolutely turn your views on your current workout regime upside down. We go into scientific depth about a huge array of topics including how the body sources energy in the most starving of moments and all the correct pre-work out nutrition.

  • The lost art form of general physical preparedness to build yourself a solid whole body foundation, rather than following the modern bodybuilder`s workout targeting specific isolation in the body.
  • The anthropology of the human runner, including foot physiology and biomechanics in line with his 1000 mile barefoot run whilst carrying a marine backpack.
  • A unique challenge of 30 marathons in 30 days, whilst trialing 30 unconventional pre-workout foods, experimenting with new nutritional strategies and recovery times.
Quotes & Take-Aways

As soon as you put a tree on your back it just alters everything, you can be a great tri-athlete but it doesn’t make you great a tree-athlete 

Unless your body actually knows how to derive energy from food and you drill those energy pathways you can actually come undone.

Learn when things are hard and re assess as soon as possible

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Scott is the owner and founder of Food For Fitness. He is a fat loss coach, speaker and fitness writer with a masters (MSc) degree in Applied Sports Nutrition.