FFF 076: Fighting Fit, Nutrition Strategies For Safely Making Weight In Combat Sports – with Danny Lennon


Saunas, sweat suits and dehydration are just some of the things we think of when we imagine boxers making weight for a fight.

Fighters have a legacy of adopting some extreme methods to shed weight before stepping into the ring. However, thanks to evidence-based practitioners like Danny, old-school methods are being phased out with newer, safer, more effective ways of making weight.

In this episode, Danny Lennon – an Irish performance nutritionist who specialises in nutrition for combat sports – is on the show. We’ll cover some of the common mistakes made by fighters when they’re cutting for a fight, the distinctive phases of a successful cut and how modern approaches are challenging some of the traditional methods for making weight.

Danny shares some of the supplements he often recommends for his clients, effective pre and post-training nutrition strategies and we’ll examine areas for future research in the field.

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Scott is the owner and founder of Food For Fitness. He is a fat loss coach, speaker and fitness writer with a masters (MSc) degree in Applied Sports Nutrition.