FFF 063: How Accurate Are Fitbits & Do They Actually Help With Weight Loss? – with Dr Carol Maher


Fitbits are all the rage at the moment but how accurate are they and do they really help with weight loss?

This week Dr Carol Maher, a senior researcher at the University of South Australia, comes on the show. Carol has been researching the development and evaluation of activity trackers and investigating the relationships between people’s daily activity patterns (e.g. physical activity, sleep and sedentary behaviours such as television watching) and their health.

In this episode Carol reveals how accurate the step counters are, the problems with calorie estimation and why it varies between lean and overweight people, the surprising truth about sleep tracking, where the 10,000 step target comes from and the real reason how they help people lose weight.

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Scott Baptie

Scott is the owner and founder of Food For Fitness. He is a fat loss coach, speaker and fitness writer with a masters (MSc) degree in Applied Sports Nutrition.