FFF 055: Cardio vs Weights, Which Is Better? – with James Fell


James Fell is an internationally syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune and he has written for the LA Times, Time Magazine, AskMen and a tonne of other fitness publications.

He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and his book – Lose It Right – has won numerous praise from reviewers on Amazon and from fellow authors.

James loves to lift and he loves to run so in this episode we examine the old “cardio vs weights” debate.

Each has its own merits but what are some of the lesser known advantages and differences between the two? We know that weight training is great for building muscle and getting stronger, but do you know the effect lifting has on the diet? What does weight training do to your eating habits? Is it better for fat loss than running? James explains all.

On the other hand we’ve got cardio. James shares why it’s badass for increasing calorie expenditure, why it allows for more dietary freedom and why there are more profound physiological benefits than weights in terms of its ability to suppress appetite. But does it cause muscle loss and is it a smart option for obese folks? All is revealed in this show.

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Scott is the owner and founder of Food For Fitness. He is a fat loss coach, speaker and fitness writer with a masters (MSc) degree in Applied Sports Nutrition.