FFF 043: The Skinny On Snoozing, How Sleep Impacts Your Body Composition – with Ian Walshe


This episode covers everything you need to know about sleep.

Dr Ian Walshe is a sleep researcher at the University of Stirling and in this episode he’ll explain all about how sleeping or a lack of sleep impacts your body composition and recovery.

He’ll explain why sleep is so important, if a lack of sleep leads to fat storage, the optimum number of hours you need per night, if excessive sleep is detrimental and why the quality of your sleep is more important than the quantity of sleep.

We’ll examine if long term sleep deprivation has any detrimental health consequences, how shift work can impact sleep patterns, if you can catch-up on sleep or if it’s just a myth, the science of power napping, if the time of day you exercise impacts sleep and whether you need more or less sleep if you want to lose fat or build muscle.

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