FFF 037: How To Overcome Fears, Limiting Behaviours and Increase Your Mental Strength – with Kim Ingleby


If you have always had a dream or goal in your mind and struggled to achieve, this week’s guest, Kim Ingleby has knowhow to help you make it really happen. 

Kim is known as the `Brain Ninja` for mind and body coaching and she travels around the world with GB teams, celebrities and individuals, writes for all the leading fitness and wellbeing magazines and recently took the stage at the TEDx event in Bristol!

In this episode we’ll look at limiting behaviours that can sometimes turn into serious uncertainties and Kim has helped people overcome their fears of open water swimming, coming back after injury, body dysmorphia, confidence issues and fertility problems.

We’ll examine how people can stay on track, the importance of accountability, why you should stop trying to lose weight and focus on the bigger picture, her top ways to achieve your lifestyle and sporting goals and you’ll discover your ‘why’.

In the second part of the episode we look at the sports psychology aspect and Kim explains how to reduce pre-race nerves and she has some fantastic advice on positive mental imagery.

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Scott Baptie

Scott is the owner and founder of Food For Fitness. He is a fat loss coach, speaker and fitness writer with a masters (MSc) degree in Applied Sports Nutrition.