FFF 104: How Strength Coach Therapy Can Repair Your Body – with Teddy Willsey


This week’s podcast is all about injuries. What causes injuries and what do you do if they happen?

The guest this week is Dr. Teddy Willsley. He is a physio and strength coach based in the U.S. In this episode, we looked into the three main things that causes injuries. He also discussed the importance of form and some specifics about how you can have healthy shoulders, knees, and hips. He tackled how you can avoid lifters elbow and his thoughts on barefoot squatting.

  • Overuse and poor planning. The main things that people do in the gym that causes injuries
  • The importance of form. Why not everybody’s form needs to be “perfect”
  • The truth about alignment. Is it a real thing or a buzzword?
  • Healthy shoulders. Discover the go-to exercise that would improve mobility and ensure health benefits for your shoulders
  • Lifters elbow. Gather tips on how to prevent the unpleasant feeling in your elbow
  • Healthy knees. The basic approach to unravel the issue you have on your knees
  • Barefoot squatting. Find out why or why not it is a good thing
Quotes & Take-Aways

“Whatever your needs are, you would benefit from figuring out how to best customize your training plan.”

“Tailor fit what you’re doing for yourself.”

“I think that when you work with somebody that can teach you about your own body, it can really help you to customize your training.”

“People will move the way that their body naturally takes them to.”

“The body will find the path of least resistance.”

“If somebody thinks that they are out of alignment, and need to get that fixed by somebody else; they feel like they don’t have as much power over their own bodies.”

Connect with Teddy:

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