MuscleFood Review, Is It Worth Getting Your Meat Delivered?


It seems that you can buy everything online these days and more and more people are ditching the supermarket in favour of going online to get their weekly food shopping and protein-packed meat rations delivered to their doorstep.

Muscle Food are one of the largest online meat suppliers in the UK.

In this review we’ll explore if they’re good value for money, if their products are a high standard and whether or not it’s worth get your meat delivered to your door instead of buying in the supermarket.

The Range Of Food

First off, don’t get put off by the name “Muscle Food”.

Although you may be thinking of bulging biceps and protein shakes the product range is huge and goes far beyond the fitness stereotype of chicken broccoli and brown rice.

They stock everything you would expect to see in a supermarket or butcher meat counter: chicken, steaks, mince, sausages and so on.

However, the range is huge and they have lots of different types of meat and cuts that you may have seen in recipes but never manged to get your hands on in the local supermarket.

Some of our favourites include the buffalo sausageskangaroo fillet steaks and the ostrich burgers. They even do ‘bug burgers’….yes, you read that correctly, they’re made with buffalo worms..which are a great source of protein, apparently.

They’ve got plenty of healthy staples which are perfect for people who are cutting calories like turkey mince, low-fat sausages and a unique line of beef they call Lite Beef™ which is uber-low fat and the rump steaks are just 1.3% fat which is about 72% less than a standard steak.

The Cost. Is Muscle Food Cheaper Than The Supermarket?

Is Muscle Food good value for money? Quite simply, yes. This is how some of the Muscle Food products compare against supermarket prices.


Muscle Food Premium Chicken Breast £5.00 per kilo

Costco Chicken Breast £6.00 per kilo

Tesco Chicken Breast £6.16 per kilo


Muscle Food Matured Free Range Sirloin Steaks £14.11 per kilo

Tesco Sirloin steak £17.24 per kilo

Tesco Finest Sirloin Steak £22.00 per kilo


Muscle Food Organic Beef Steak Mince  £7.90 per kilo

Tesco Organic Beef Steak Mince £9.00 per kilo

Waitrose Organic Beef Mince £10.73 per kg

That is also just looking at each product in isolation.

Muscle Food do big bundle offers too.

You can get a big hamper of meat for even less than buying the meats on their own, like their 112 Piece Ultimate Lean Slimming Hamper or the Ultimate Extra Lean Selection.

If you’re a new customer, make sure you go for their New Customer Lean Meat Hamper as you’ll get a stupid amount of meat for £85 which would cost £135 if you bought everything individually on the site.

Is Muscle Food Meat Good Quality?

Obviously one of the main reservations people have about ordering meat online is the quality. If you can’t see it, how do you know you’re getting good produce?

We’ve had several orders from Muscle Food and the quality has always been excellent so far. The chicken breasts are extremely lean with all the yucky red bits and fat trimmed off, something that you don’t get with supermarket chicken.

Their chicken isn’t pumped with water either so they don’t shrivel up when you cook them which is great. Oh yeah, they’re also massive so make sure you take this into account if you put ‘1 chicken breast’ into your MyFitnessPal diary.

The other meats we’ve had have all have also been first class. The sirloin steaks are a firm favourite. They’re free-range, grass-fed and are a ridiculously good price as they work out to around £3 each when you buy the bulk bags of them. It’s also been quite interesting trying out some of their exotic meats like crocodileostrich and kangaroo too as you don’t often see this in the supermarket.

How Long Does Muscle Food Take To Deliver?

According to their website, most orders arrive within 24 hours in special temperature controlled boxes which keeps the meat fresh. You usually get a text the day it’s going to arrive so you don’t miss the delivery.

Everything we’ve had so far has been delivered by Parcel Force.

The delivery comes in a carboard box but inside everything has been wrapped in some kind of insulating foil. The meat is surrounded by frozen cool pouches so it stays fresh and remains ice cold.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

Some other things that make Muscle Food a winner in our option is that most items are vacuum packed which saves a load of room in the freezer.

They offer a loyalty points scheme so every time you buy something you earn points which you can use against future orders. They also do a ‘refer a friend’ scheme so if you send a mate onto their site you’ll also get some money off future orders.

If you’re a student you also get 10% off too, making it even cheaper.

The Round-Up

So that’s our review of Muscle Food. Don’t be put off by the name, the food isn’t just for gym-junkies!

If you want good quality meat, delivered to your door for much less than it costs in the supermarket then it’s a good choice.

Remember if you’re a new customer, go for the New Customer Lean Meat Hamper if you want to save the most money as you can only get that bundle once.

Scott Baptie

Scott is the owner and founder of Food For Fitness. He is a fat loss coach, speaker and fitness writer with a masters (MSc) degree in Applied Sports Nutrition.