Healthy meal ideas, quick and easy family-friendly recipes for weight loss and flexible dieting.
Protein Banana BreadWant to know how to make a protein banana bread? Not only that, but what about a banana loaf that is wheat free and sugar free too?
Low Carb Protein PizzaLooking for a tasty recipe for a high protein, low carb pizza that is less than 350 calories per serving and it packs a whopping 42g protein per half pizza? Did you even know such a thing could exist!?
Sweet Potato & Chorizo SoupWhen you combine the high-fibre, carbohydrate goodness of sweet potato with amazing fiery chorizo…then you’re onto a winner. This recipe for sweet potato and chorizo soup is a contender for the best soup you’ll eat this autumn. Seriously, try it and see if you disagree.
Chocolate Orange Protein BarsWhen most people think of a protein bar they think of a horrible, dense, expensive rectangle of yuck that is packed with additives and leaves a horrible aftertaste.