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Personalised Nutrition Plans

Fat Loss Is Hard. We Make It Easier!

Dieting has to be all about suffering, right?

If you're not hating every single bland mouthful of food, dreading your next meal, and constantly feeling hungry, you can't be losing fat and getting leaner... Wrong.

While quick-fix diets may encourage this, in the hope that you drop pounds rapidly, scientific study has proven that not only does the majority of the weight lost on such plans come from lean muscle tissue, NOT body fat, these diets just aren't sustainable.

You rebound badly, succumbing to temptation, binging on all the foods you've been deprived of, put all the weight back on (in much less time that it took you to lose) and actually -

End up heavier and unhappier!

This is not what you signed up for.

And it's not how we do it either.

Are You Ready To Lose Weight And Never Find It Again?

LOST 15kg

"If you're looking for genuine results & making positive changes to your life & nutrition, look no further than Food For Fitness. I've dropped around 15kg so far and completely changed my physique."

Mustafa - Online Client

LOST 24kg

"I'd failed in the past. I'd lost weight just put it all back on again. Thanks to the help from my Food For Fitness nutrition coach, I've lost weight and kept it off!

Amanda - Aberdeen

LOST 24kg

"Scott helped educate me and get me over my fear of carbohydrates. I lost 24kg and am delighted with the changes in my physique. Thanks to FFF for their service."

Matt - Aberdeen

Here's How We Do It

No cookie cutter diet plans. We'll create a personal meal plan, made just for you! Before you start, we'll ask you questions all about your lifestyle, habits and food preferences - what are your favourite foods, what is your schedule like etc. This allows us to create a plan that is the perfect fit for you and makes it really easy for you to change your food habits and start making progress as soon as possible. We also ask about your eating history so that we can determine what hasn't worked for you in the past. This is to ensure that you get to where you want to be with minimal stress and effort.

Science-based, results focused! We staff only a very limited number of highly qualified nutritionists and online personal trainers. Why? Well this allows us to source the best health and nutrition professionals from across the country, and craft a tightknit team to focus in on your goals.

It's not just weight loss. In fact, we don't even really like the term 'weight loss'. Weight loss implies that you're wasting away, becoming skinny and unhealthy (just like what happens if you follow those FAD diets). We help you to achieve your dream physique and your goals, whether that means losing body fat to look more toned and defined, building muscle mass, or even improving your athletic performance.

Accountability. How many 'diets' have you done in the past where you're given a plan and then left solely to your own devices? And how many have you done where you get constant support from day one, get to ask questions of your coach, talk through any struggles you may be having, and have someone take the thinking process and the stress out of improving your physique? Here, we like that second approach much more. And that's why our world class team is there for you every step of the way.

Do You Want To Be Our Next Success Story?

LOST 19kg

"So far I have lost 3 stone (19kg) but not only that - I feel more energetic, I can train harder and my whole outlook on life has changed for the better."

Carly - Glasgow

LOST 20kg

"I lost 20kg with the help of my nutrition coach. Not only did I lose weight but I got fitter, healthier and made some amazing changes to my lifestyle. If you're hesitating, don't, you won't regret it!"

Bob - Aberdeen

LOST 45kg

"To date i've lost 40% of my body weight (45kg/7 stones). I've achieved so much and don't think I could have done it without your input."

Pam - Aberdeen

Here's How It Works

You have two options - online or a face to face programs. Which works best for you?

Our online programs are the perfect fit if you aren't local to the Aberdeen area, but love what you see and want to start your journey right away.

You're assigned to one of our nutritionists who will send you an easy to understand questionnaire by email. Once you return it they will get to work creating your personalised meal plan. You can get started immediately if you want to. That's how simple our plans are.

The other option available to you (and the one that the majority of our Aberdeen clients enjoy) is a face-to-face nutrition program. This is the more robust package that offers direct in-person contact time with your nutritionist in Aberdeen.

All Of Our Nutrition Programs Include

  • Meal Plan: A personalised meal plan designed around your lifestyle, food preferences and fitness goals.
  • Healthy Recipes: Your nutrition plans will be filled with delicious recipes that you'll love. No more boring meals!
  • Nutrition Coaching: Your own degree qualified nutrition coach to motivate you, provide support and keep you on track.
  • Email Support: Got questions? Need your plan modified? Stuck in a rut? All packages come with fast email support from your nutrition.
  • Supplement Advice: Confused about supplements? We'll give you evidence-based supplement recommendations. No more guess work.
  • Education & Understanding: You'll develop a much greater understanding of nutrition. We'll teach - not preach you!
  • 30 Day No Risk Guarantee: All programs come with our iron clad guarantee. If you're not happy with any aspect after 30 days, we'll give you a full refund!
The Industry Professionals Love What We Do. So Will You!

"Effective, evidence-based and easy to follow advice. The approach Food For Fitness takes with their clients is superb and the outstanding results are proof that what they do works!"

Mike MacDonald - Author, Energy Is Everything

"Lots of people struggle to lose weight. Food For Fitness provide excellent nutrition advice, accountability and they're very understanding. That's why I fully recommend them."

Chris Burgess - Lift The Bar Personal Trainer

"Signing up with Food for Fitness is one of the best decisions you could make if you are struggling to lose fat. They'll show you how to eat to look and feel amazing. Their nutrition plans and online personal training is fantastic, you'll love the results!"

Pete Campbell - Pete Campbell Personal Training

Here's The Thing

We only staff a handful of nutrition coaches, and to keep coaching quality at our own exacting high standards, each coach will only work with a small number of active clients at any one time.

Once we reach maximum capacity with our online and face-to-face programs, it's a case of sitting on the waiting list until a spot opens up or until we are able to staff another expert nutrition coach.

Either way, it means more time to wait until you start losing fat, or more time spent yoyo dieting, flitting between your fad diets of disgusting protein shakes and raw celery salads, and binge episodes where you cave, and put on pounds of body fat - the exact opposite of what you want.

So here's your call to action -

Contact us today to see if we're a good fit together.

There's no obligation to sign up, and we're happy to have a chat, but once spots are gone... they're gone.