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Scott Baptie & The Food For Fitness Team

Food For Fitness was created by Scott Baptie to provide people like you with simple, individual, enjoyable and healthy nutrition and fitness advice to help you move, look, feel and perform better.

Our Story

Founded by Scott Baptie in Aberdeen in 2012, Food For Fitness works with people of all different shapes, sizes, abilities who want personal, evidence-backed advice, tailored to support their goals.

Our Approach

Lots of people come to us who are frustrated with a lack of progress. They might be struggling to lose fat, build muscle or improve their sporting performance. They might have fallen victim to following FAD diets, extreme nutrition approaches and eating repetitive, tasteless food. Perhaps they find it a challenge to stay on track and be consistent, and are fed up with stop-start cycles and fleeting health kicks.

Well, we take an evidence-based approach to nutrition which we combine with working with hundreds of clients to create personal nutrition strategies based around our clients lifestyle, food preferences and goals. It's simple - we teach people about what to eat rather than preach to them about foods they can't. The result - they make fantastic, lasting progres... without the rebounds!

Our People

We staff only a very limited number of superstar nutrition coaches. Why? Well, we found it very difficult to find nutritionists that can translate the latest nutrition science into simple terms that everyone can understand. Secondly, our team know how to "coach", they know what to do to ensure our clients learn, progress and get results. They don't just bore people with lectures on vitamins, minerals and whole-grains. We've worked with over 500 happy clients who love our approach, from complete beginners to professional sports teams and athletes to FTSE 100 companies.

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See If Our Approach Works For You

If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you achieve your goals whether you want to learn how to eat better, lose fat, improve sports performance, improve your recovery and fuelling or maybe to build muscle then you're first port of call is to sign-up to our newsletter. We'll send you some free helpful guides and advice that will allow you to make real progress right away. Thousands of people already subscribe and we hate spam so we never sell your email address and we'll keep it really safe.